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National University of Food Technologies,

Kyiv, Ukraine






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Ukrainian Food Journal
National University of Food Technologies
Str. Volodymyrska, 68
Kyiv, 01601






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Oleksii Gubenia, Assotiated professor, departament "Machins and apparatus of food and farmatheftical production", National University of Food Technologies, Ukraine.







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Ukrainian Food Journal publishes original research articles, short communications, review papers, news and literature reviews dealing with all aspects of the food science, technology, engeneering, nutrition, food chemistry, economics and management.

Studies must be novel, have a clear connection to food science, and be of general interest to the international scientific community.


Topic covered by the journal include:

Food engineering
Food chemistry
Food microbiology
Food quality and safety
Food processes
Economics and management
Automation of food processes
Food packaging
Food nanotechnologies

Periodicity of the journal 4 issues per year (march, june, september, december).


Reviewing a Manuscript for Publication

All scientific articles submitted for publication in “Ukrainian Food Journal” are double-blind peer-reviewed by at least two academics appointed by the Editors' Board: one from the Editorial Board and one, not affiliated to the Board and/or the Publisher.


Authors submitting articles for publication are expected to provide an electronic statement confirming that their work is not an infringement of any existing copyright and will not indemnify the publisher against any breach of legislation and/or international standards in academic publishing. For the ease of dissemination all papers and other contributions become the legal copyright of the publisher unless agreed otherwise.

Academic ethics policy

The Editorial Board of "Ukrainian Food Journal" strictly follows all internationally acknowledged rules and regulations on academic publishing and academic ethics. For more details on this see: Miguel Roig (2003, 2006) "Avoiding plagiarism, self-plagiarism, and other questionable writing practices. A guide to ethical writing”. The Editorial Board suggests all potential contributors of the journal, reviewers and readers to dully follow this guidance in order to avoid misconceptions.

Licence Type

CC-BY. This licence allows users to distribute, remix and build upon a work, and create Derivative Works – even for commercial use – provided they credit the original creator/s (and any other nominated parties). This is the most accommodating of the licences in terms of what others can do with the work.

Publication or submission charges

There are no publication or submission charges.






Valerii Mank, Dr., Prof., National University of  Food Technologies, Ukraine

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Editorial board


Lelieveld Huub, Dr., Global Harmonization Initiative Association, Germany


Mark Shamtsian, PhD, As. Prof, St. Petersburg State Technological Institute,  Russia


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Pascal Dupeux, Ph. D., As. prof., University Claude Bernard Lion 1, France 



Cristina Popovici, Ph.D., As. Prof., Technical University of Moldova


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Semih Otles, Dr., Prof., 
Ege University, Turkey


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Sonia Amariei, Dr., Prof.,  University "Ştefan cel Mare" of Suceava, Romania


Stefan Stefanov, Dr., Prof., University of Food Technologies, Bulgaria


Tetiana Pyrog, Dr., Prof., National University of Food Technologies, Ukraine
Tomasz Bernat, Dr., Prof., Szczecin University, Poland 

Valerii Myronchuk, Dr., Prof., National University for Food Technologies, Ukraine


Viktor Stabnikov, Dr., As. Prof., National University for Food Technologies, Ukraine

Virginija Jureniene, Dr., Prof., Vilnius University, Lithuania
Vladimir Grudanov, Ph. D., Prof., Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University






Volodymyr Ivanov, Dr., Prof., Iowa State University, US






Yordanka Stefanova, Dr., As. prof., University of Plovdiv "Paisii Hilendarski", Bulgaria







Yuliya Dzyazko, Dr., Prof., Institute of general and inorganic chemistry of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.


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Yurii Bilan, Dr., As. Prof., Szczecin University, Poland


Oleksii Gubenia (managing editor), Dr., As. prof., National University of  Food Technologies, Ukraine


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Dear colleagues!

The Editorial Board of
«Ukrainian Food Journal»
invites you to publication of your scientific research.

Template file

Samples of the Abstracts

Requirements for article:

Language – English
Recomended size of the article – 10-16 pages in Microsoft Word 2003 and earlier versions with filename extension *.doc
All article elements should be in Times New Roman, font size 14, 1 line intervals, margins on both sides 2 cm.

The structure of the article:

*The title of the article *Authors (full name and surname)
*Institution, where the work performed.
*Abstract. The structure of the abstract should correspond to the structure of the article (Introduction, Materials and methods, Results and discussion, Conclusion)
*Key words.

The main body of the article should contain the following obligatory parts:

*Materials and methods
*Results and discussion

If you need you can add another parts and divide them into subparts.

The abstract of the article should contain the following obligatory parts:

* Introduction (2-3 lines)
* Materials and methods (3-5 lines)
* Results and discussion (half of pages)
* Conclusion (1-2 lines).


The information about the author (Name, surname, scientific degree, place of work, email and contact phone number).

All figures should be made in graphic editor, the font size 14.
The background of the graphs and charts should be only in white colour. The colour of the figure elements (lines, grid, text) - in black colour.
Figures and EXCEL format files with graphs additionally should submit in separate files.
Photos are not appropriate to use.

Example of References:


Popovici C., Gitin L., Alexe P. (2013), Characterization of walnut (Juglans regia L.) green husk extract obtained by supercritical carbon dioxide fluid extraction, Journal of Food and Packaging Science, Technique and Technologies, 2(2), pp. 104-108.


Deegan C. (2000), Financial Accounting Theory, McGraw-Hill Book Company, Sydney.


(2013), Svitovi naukovometrychni bazy, available at: scopus.aspx


Extended articles should be sent by email to:



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